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Interview With Us for Upcoming Talk at SXSW ’14

An Interview about our upcoming talk at South by Southwest, Austin, Texas, Monday, March 10 at 9:30 AM

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Preview: The Power Of Failure: The Hidden Side Of Success

by Jacob Ehrnstein

Everyone wants to be successful. We all have our different versions of success, financial, emotional, or physical. And we all have our role models for whom we identify what success is. We try and emulate them to achieve that success.

But what if you had the opportunity to meet your role model of success and they uttered these words to you “Fail More”?

Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield the authors of “The Art Of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do” will speak on the topic of failure at their panel “The Power of Failure: The Hidden Side of Success.” They’re experts on the topic of failure now, though, not because of failures of their own. After interviewing super successful people they discovered one common trait these successful people shared: their willingness to fail.

I spoke with Camille and Josh about their upcoming panel in March and some ways to take your failures and help them propel you to your next success.

Both Camille and Josh agreed that they were surprised to find that the secret trait these super achievers they interviewed had was that they were better at failing then most people. They spoke how super achievers have the ability to take their failures and to critically assess them in ways that allow them to learn from these failures and make opportunities from the failures. Josh described these super achievers ability to fail, “ they manage emotion in the face of failure. Knowing how important it is to take an honest look at your self. Brutal self assessment. Evolve new ways of thinking and adapting to your goal”.

Josh and Camille agreed SXSW is a perfect venue to share their research. “SXSW is a perfect audience for this,” said Camille. “It’s a crowd of techies, and entrepreneurs. People who have to learn from their failures to succeed.”

The material that Camille and Josh will be presenting at SXSW will be direct research from their interviews from their book. The panel is designed to address how to get over the fear of failure, how we develop a system to identify what caused us to fail, why failure the ultimate teacher, and why you should keep your successes close and your failures closer. The big takeaways that Camille and Josh hope you have after leaving their panel are having a better understanding of what failure is and isn’t, and be better prepared to seek out and learn from your failures.

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