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The World Traveler: How Josh Valentin Found His Road

Josh Valentin @theworldtraveler has been to six continents & seen every Wonder of the World.

“I grew up in East New York during one of the worst crime epidemics to ever hit the United States. Crack, gangs, murder. I remember playing 3-second-hold football on the street and seeing the planes taking off from JFK. Planes. I wished I was on them. I didn’t care where they were flying to. Anywhere would have been better than the ghetto. That sparked my desire to see the world. In college, where I was recruited to play football, I grabbed the opportunity to major in Merchant Marine studies and international trade. I figured with those degrees I could go a lot of places. As a cadet, and later as a Merchant Marine boat captain, I sailed all around the world. At 24, I had a new goal to travel full time and work for myself. I left my secure career. The risk paid off. I run my own company now, remotely. I live between NYC and the Bahamas with my wife and 3 children and I’ve traveled to 6 continents and every Wonder of the World.”

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