The Art of Doing

The Stories We Tell

Storytelling is among the core principles of success among the superachievers we interviewed. How, why and to what effect we tell stories are also questions actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley explores in her riveting documentary, “Stories We Tell.”

Shaping a narrative is never easy. It’s often the hardest when it’s your own.

Think about the last time you had write a resume, a cover letter, a bio—one small, scant paragraph to encompass your life. You may have struggled to capture the essence of you and felt unsatisfied. But the ability to shape a narrative relevant to your goals really matters. There is power in the well-crafted tale whatever your goal may be—to create a brand, sell a product, promote a cause, or even get a job. It’s something we noticed among the dozens of remarkable people we interviewed for our book. We were impressed not just by the stories they told, but how they told them. Continue reading “The Stories We Tell”